First trailer for new Atlus RPG, Project Re Fantasy, is quite enigmatic

You’ll get more out of the first artwork than the teaser

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As promised, Atlus has given us the first glimpse of its new fantasy RPG which is at least for now named Project Re Fantasy. No game play, release date, or platforms were revealed for the first project by the newly formed Studio Zero. This new team’s name and the game’s tagline, “A Fool’s Journey Begins,” is derived from tarot cards where zero is the “Fool” arcana. The symbolism continues in their logo which features a boy on a journey to represent beginnings. 

As to be expected from a first teaser there is not much to take away from it. It shows some Japanese text of words the narrator is saying, and sometimes blinks shots of some scenery and medieval fantasy stuff. Oh and the number zero to remind you who is making it. Regarding the platform and development time, director Katsura Hashino states “We haven’t determined yet what platform our new game will be, and I imagine this project will take a long time until completion. But we’ll be working hard at this challenge to truly deliver something new and incredible for all our fans.”

People stir about such early looks that tell us very little about a game, but in many cases we get hints that we can infer details from. The best example of this are Rockstar’s first trailers for games like Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2. While there is unfortunately not much to go on with Project Re Fantasy‘s first trailer, one major purpose of showing off a game this early is to help recruit talent to work on the title. Even the official website for the game (which may have the simplest URL ever) has “recruitment” right there on the top bar. Much like what CD Projekt Red did with its trailer for Cyberpunk 2077. 

I’m perfectly fine with such teasers. It’s not like they won’t show gameplay and such things when they are able to, so why not have a little fun? There is a danger of letting your expectations run wild however, as there are people who already assume Cyberpunk 2077 will be the best game of whatever year it comes out, despite the fact that we know next to nothing about it.

That said, let’s speculate and make wishlists. What kind of game play would you like to see? Do you think they will venture away from their turn-based combat?

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