First traces of Wii pr0n (Update)

Wii pr0n. We all knew it would happen. It just had to … ever since the console’s official name was announced just prior to E3 2006 in May, everyone and their neighbour has been cracking jokes at its expense.

Everyone also knew it wouldn’t just stop there. Some of the … uhh … “uses” of the Wiimote are, in many ways, obvious. Well, it looks like someone’s finally gone and done it.

Hit the jump for the first traces of Wii porn. NSFW, of course.

You can check the pic out here.

The scary part is, “Wii vibrator in a condom” has been the primary topic of discussion on Vent for the past week. Thanks to Pedro for pointing me in the direction of this picture. Oh, and thanks to Lark Ohiya for the awesome Wii tentacle monster pic. 😉

So much for your family friendly console, Nintendo.

[Update: It’s back! Screw you, Photobucket.] 

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