First screenshots of Fallout 3’s ‘The Pitt’ DLC are saw-rific

Bethesda shot some new screens for Fallout 3‘s second DLC pack The Pitt our way, and we figured you’d want to see them too. I must say, it was a brilliant move to include the previously talked about “AutoAxe” — it looks like it would be a blast to use.

As with Operation: Anchorage there will be achievements and new perks to obtain, and the new quest will be activated via radio broadcast. From there, players will meet up with an escaped slave who tells about a potential mutation cure located in the remains of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Players have the freedom to tackle the task of retrieving the cure in a number of ways. Whether that means sneaking in as a slave, going Rambo on everyone’s asses, or teaming up with the Raiders, it’s all up for you to decide.

The promise of more choices than the last DLC pack, and the fact that dealing with slaves in a certain Fallout 3 quest was surprisingly emotional has me wanting to hear more about The Pitt. How about you guys?

Jordan Devore
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