First screens of Sandswept’s DETOUR

Indie developer Sandswept Studios has passed along to us some screens from their upcoming (and first) title DETOUR. These first shots are an early work-in-progress, but show off the colorful, light-hearted direction Sandswept is going in. 

DETOUR is a real-time strategy game with a focus on highway construction and environmental activist groups. The goal is to build a road from one side of the board to the other, leading a delivery truck through without being stopped. Alternately, it could be your goal to stop this. In one screen shots, it looks like a bomb is deployed, lending to Sandwepts idea that DETOUR is “sort of like a chess game with bombs.”

There’s still been no announcement of what platform the game will land on. Sandswept are being tight lipped; they’ve even removed certain HUD elements that would give it away. I looked into a crystal ball and saw a console, but they all look the same to me, so I have no idea. Could have been a Jaguar, but I don’t think so. 

DETOUR could be an interesting take on the RTS genre, so we’ll be keeping our eye on it. We’ll let you know when we hear more. 

Nick Chester