First Rock Band 2 footage confirms that the game is the sequel to Rock Band

Yup. So here it is, as premiered on the latest episode of GameTrailers TV, the first footage of Harmonix’s and MTV Games’ Rock Band 2.

Set to the soothing sounds of the Foo Fighter’s “Everlong,” this footage confirms one thing — not much has changed. Sure, “Everlong” wasn’t in the first game, and is a pretty great choice for a game of this type (Neversoft agrees — the song is also included in Guitar Hero: World Tour). Looks like there are some new venues, too, including a stage with a plane and some sort of castle. Some fancy new effects have been added as well, which should make the game way more interesting to play after eating a handful of mushrooms.

But this is really nothing more than a tease, showing none of the game’s real improvements or features. It’s easy to see why someone could be disappointed — this trailer really looks like more of the same. 

As an unashamed Rock Band fanboy, this doesn’t bother me. Some new songs, animations, and venues is really all they’d need to get my $59.99. But we know there’s a more to the game than that, and we’ll get hands-on details at this week’s E3. But in the meantime, after seeing this, what games has you more amped up to rock out with your word that rhymes with “smock” out: Rock Band 2 or Guitar Hero: World Tour?

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