See the world through feline eyes with this first-person Stray mod

Stray has a first-person perspective mod

You ever think about how short cats are?

Nothing makes a game feel fresh like looking at it from a different perspective. I’m not just being philosophical here — someone modded Stray so you can play the game in first-person. Personally, that might make me a bit motion sick with all the jumping and such, but if you’re looking to replay and switch up your Stray experience, this mod might be the perfect fit.

Aptly named Stray – First Person Mod, it allows you to see the game as if you were the cat himself (or herself? I don’t think I ever figured out what gender the cat is supposed to be in the game). The mod was created by a user named Jessica Natalia, and you can download it over on NexusMods (via The Gamer).

I could definitely see how the first-person perspective would make the experience more immersive, but it’s better saved for at least a second playthrough considering many of the puzzles are better suited to a third-person view. Just based on the demo video of the Stray mod, though, it is pretty cool to see the world through a cat’s eyes in a game that was designed for you to see the world from a cat’s perspective.

As can be common with mods, there are a few bugs to be aware of with this one.

Nothing game-breaking, but the cat can become visible if you move quickly, or when walking too close to a wall which makes the camera pop out of place — this happens because the modder moved the placement of where the camera is situated to be where the cat’s head is, rather than removing the cat’s character model altogether.

Of all the games I’ve seen get first-person mods, I think it probably makes the most sense in Stray considering perspective is part of the game’s narrative themes.

Now I’m just waiting for the Stray VR mod.

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