First party Wii component cables delayed at retail unil late, late January

You and me are about to throw down, Nintendo.


I’m cool with your new console not having the flashiest visuals on the block. That’s fine. You’re taking game play in new directions with your motion sensing controllers! It’s going to revolutionize gaming and bring the whole family together with revolutionary interactive experiences, right?

But if you’re going to tell me that your console will support 420p and that you’ll even go so far as to finally release official component cables through retail, just do it already. Jesus, guys.

Word from my source at Gamestop/EB Games is that you’ve delayed shipment of your first party component cables until January 30. You do realize that’s over two months after you released your console, right? Sure, I can pick up third party component cables, but those jerks are charging $49.99 for something they’re calling a “premium component cable.” It sure sounds fancy, but mad as I am, I kind of like your products.

Looks like I’m going to have to order them through your online store. I see you’ve once again resumed orders, but the “limited supplies” thing doesn’t bode well for us folks who have “space-aged televisions from the future.”

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