First official screenshots for Pokemon Black/White

Sick of looking at low quality magazine scans of Pokémon Black/White? How about sampling these low quality official screens of Pokémon Black/White instead? The game’s Web site recently updated with a smattering of images for the big series revamp, and it’s looking pretty snazzy. 

The images show off a few of the details we covered yesterday, including the 3D towns and the combined Pokémart/Center. There’s also an image of the new-look “intense” battle screen, if you want a gander at the allegedly more dynamic combat. 

Promising stuff, and I really have no doubt that it’ll be a fine title, since Game Freak rarely lets us down. Again, I can only hope that the EV/IV hidden stat bullsh*t isn’t so obscure this time around, but I’m not betting the farm on it. In any case, I’m looking forward to Black and White. How excited are you?

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