First of four NBA 2K9 teasers features Paul Pierce ownage

I’m so glad that the New York Giants won the Super Bowl this year. If the Patriots had beaten them, like everyone expected and predicted, then the blather of Boston being “Titletown” would never have stopped once the Celtics thrashed the Los Angeles Lakers in this year’s NBA Finals. To commemorate the Celtics’ victory, 2K Sports has put out a teaser trailer for NBA 2K9, and it looks pretty damn good.

Pierce pump-fakes a defender into the air, then drives past him towards the basket. He goes up for the lay-in, but when Pau Gasol (aside: I can’t believe he really tried to pull this off) attempts a block, Pierce merely switches to his left hand and goes (in mid-air, mind you) to the other side of the basket. Then he flips up the ball for a swish to end the video with the tagline “Make This Season Matter.” Oh, did you not want a play-by-play? My bad.

The venerable Visual Concepts-developed basketball series is returning for its tenth year, and it has been the top-rated basketball sim for the past seven in a row. Look for this year’s iteration, NBA 2K9, to hit stores for the PS3, 360, and PS2 on October 7th.

Samit Sarkar