First Medal of Honor details are kind of predictable

The latest issue of Official Xbox 360 Magazine — slated to hit shelves this Thursday — contains a preview of the fresh new Medal of Honor in its pages. For the time being, we have got a few basic details to give us insight into the mystery of this modern-day series reboot.

  • Tier 1 Ops soldiers brought in to help with authenticity – camo, military speak and so on.
  • Takes place in Afghanistan
  • You can shoot out lights and use night-vision
  • There will be multiple playable characters
  • Features sprinting and knife melee attack, similar to Call of Duty

We were already aware of the location, and most of the other bullet points are more or less staples of those popular modern first-person shooters the kids are always going on about. And multiple characters, eh? As far as I can tell, we only need one character: Cowboy. There can be no others.

OXM #56 out this Thursday – First Medal of Honor details! [OXM]

Jordan Devore
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