First Mario Kart Wii tournament goes live

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Mario Kart Wii has finally launched around the world, and Nintendo has announced today that they will be kicking off the first worldwide tournaments.

Available via the in-game Mario Kart Channel, the first tournament has racers competing for the fastest time on the Mario Circuit. You’ll also be able to attempt to break records as often as you like throughout the duration of the tournament, so if you blow it once, never fear. The best time will then be recorded and added to the worldwide ranking, and the player with the fastest time will win … bragging rights?

Since finishing my review, I have to be honest — I haven’t really been playing a lot of Mario Kart Wii. Something about an Eastern European dude and his cousin. But I may fire up my Wii to participate, even though I don’t have a snow balls chance in hell of winning.

Is anyone here confident enough in their skills that they’re willing to start talking smack right now?

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