First Lost Odyssey DLC announced — how do you say free in Japanese?

Feeling less-than-whelmed by Blue Dragon? Enchanted Arms a little on the tedious slow crappy side? Fear not! Mistwalker’s Lost Odyssey is two short months from being released in the land of the Yankees gringos gaijin, and we’ll have a pretty set of downloadable content waiting for us when it hits.

On January 10, Japanese gamers with Gold Xbox Live accounts will be able to snag the first Lost Odyssey downloadable content pack, featuring a new sequence from the Thousand Year Dream and two accessories, Weapon Guard II and Tatsujin no Hiden Sho. I’m sure they’ll look totally fab. It may seem like slim pickings, but you can’t complain too much about free DLC. As usual, Silver accounts will be able to download the new content a week later.

I’m not sure how crucial the various dream sequences are to the narrative — which follows the immortal Kaim as he deals with the stress of being 1000 years old in a world on the verge of an industrial revolution — but this one can’t be too significant, right? Selling new items and quests as DLC is one thing, but selling the narrative piece by piece doesn’t sit well with me. Granted, this pack is free, but the possibility to extort games with dense story-telling elements is certainly there.

Or maybe this dream sequence will be totally inconsequential. It’s probably a wet dream. Yeah … that’s it. Porn.

And remember, if you proactive types throw down a fiver to pre-order Lost Odyssey, then you’ll be greeted with even more exclusive content. Two free DLC packs isn’t a shabby way to start a game, if you ask me.

[Via Siliconera; if you don’t read moonspeak (like me), here‘s a roughly translated Famitsu article] 

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