First Look: Cover art for the Gears of War Sourcebook

Destructoid has the pleasure of being the first to show off this fantastic piece of cover art for the upcoming Gears of War Sourcebook, a book featuring art from comic talent that just happen to be big Gears fans. While all the rest of the internet has stand-in placeholder images, DC Comics and Wildstorm was kind enough to pass us the real deal to show you, created by artist Stephen Platt. Check out the full image in our gallery below.

Dude is gettin’ sawed the eff up!

This Gears of War Sourcebook, set to release June 17, features art and pinups as well as a short story written by Gears of War 2 writer Joshua Ortega. I’m sure fans know that the Wildstorm imprint is also cranking out Gears of War comics. Jim Lee did work for issue number 9.

Have any of you checked out the comics? Are you down for the Sourcebook?


Dale North