First look at Warcraft film features beefcake orc nipples


I’m still a bit sad to have lost director Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) to years of a Warcraft film (now pushed back into June of 2016), but maybe those of you who are into it will get a not-sucky game movie out of it. I am getting my body image goals out of it.

The above shot of Orgrim (Robert Kazinsky) is the first frame we’ve seen from the CGI-heavy film. I’d pour one out for practical effects, but we need all the booze we can get for Avatar 2, 3, and 4.

Do you want to catch this flick at the local movie theatre? Or, more importantly, have you seen Mad Max yet? Because I haven’t been able to, which sucks.

Your First Look at Orgrim, Warcraft’s Hunky Star [Wired via Flixist]

Steven Hansen