First look at Severed add-on for Dead Space 2

While Dead Space 2 has gotten its fair share of downloadable content already, nothing released so far is what you would consider substantial. The first proper release is coming to us in the form of Severed, which is a single-player side story revolving around characters from Dead Space: Extraction.

Visceral Games has been generally tight-lipped about it, although the first screenshots have debuted in a new Q&A video with executive producer Steve Papoutsis. He covers some interesting topics — including the lack of bosses in DS2 — and briefly runs through Severed.

Someone needs to ask Steve if we’ll ever know more about Peng, or if it’ll permanently remain a running joke of sorts.

Questions With Steve Reveals Severed Screens [Update: Screens Added] [Hell Descent]

Jordan Devore
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