First look at Henry Cavill’s glorious wig in The Witcher TV show

Fabio? Is that you?

With Netflix’s The Witcher series rolling into production we’re getting a first look of Henry Cavill as the show’s lead, Geralt. As many of you have probably spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours staring at the game version of Geralt, this might feel a bit weird. Just… get ready.

So, it’s not bad, but… I don’t know if it’s good. First off, he looks young as hell. Geralt is old and grizzled while Cavill as Geralt is young and handsome and sexy and his eyes look deep into your soul and of course I’ll marry you, Henry Cavill, all you had to do was ask.

The point being, it doesn’t feel very Geralt to me. Maybe the show will be about a younger Geralt, though the plot descriptions we’ve read don’t hint at that. 

What we really need to talk about, however, is the wig. I know this is clearly just a souped-up screen test, and fantasy movie wigs look terrible in those, but, man, this one looks wiggy. I mean, we’re not talking Fantastic Four wiggy, but it’s definitely not quite up to snuff. Hopefully, when the show rolls around, the flowing locks will feel a bit more in place. Until then, I think the best thing this look has going for it is the casual swig of whatever drink that is at the end.

The Witcher is set to land on Netflix sometime in 2020 for an eight-episode run.

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