First free Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood DLC is released

Ubisoft has released the first of two free updates for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. “Animus Update 1.0” comes with a new multiplayer map, the tiered Mont Saint-Michel. There’s also an additional game mode, Advanced Alliance, which organizes players into three teams of two.

There’s more news as well. The second update will be arriving next month and is a similar pairing of map and mode. Animus Update 2.0 will have a Pienza map and Chest Capture game mode which is, as you might suspect, team-based capture or defend gameplay.

I’m all for it. Anything that keeps the multiplayer audience around long enough for me to have time to play the damn thing. It’s so much fun but I fear that if I’m not playing right now, there’s a good chance that I’ll have missed out. Keep the stuff coming, Ubisoft.

Conrad Zimmerman