First footage of Pokemon Black/White makes ’em squeal

Here’s the first footage of Pokemon Black/White. As a long-time fan of Pokemon, even I find it to be relatively unexciting. The new camera angle city-strolling is cool, but ultimately uneventful. It would likely look awesome with some 3DS enhancements, but as it stands, this is just a PS1-era polygon-based environment mixed with some flat-sprites. Maybe that’s new for a portable Pokemon game, but certainly nothing to get too excited about.

That doesn’t stop the cast of Pokemon Sunday from getting psyched about it. It’s hard to tell if these grown-ups in shiny jumpsuits with bizarre haircuts are just pretending, or if they are genuinely worked up over this new footage. People who look and act like that are so rare in real life, it’s hard to know from experience what gets them excited.

How about you? Did this footage have you exclaiming “Ooooooooooooooh, Dooooozo!” from the comfort of your own home?

Erste bewegte Bilder aus Pocket Monsters Black und White– []


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