First footage of new Left 4 Dead Versus campaigns, details about Survival mode

Although the focus of the last episode of GameTrailers TV was on The Lost and the Damned, a quick sneak peak of the upcoming Left 4 Dead downloadable content was neatly crammed in there.

The footage is of Death Toll and Dead Air being played in Versus mode, and although I feel like the content should have been included at launch, I can’t help but find myself getting excited at the prospect of playing as infected on those campaigns.

There’s also mention of the mysterious Survival mode, which we know now allows “up to four players set records for the longest time surviving hordes of zombies on over 12 maps.” Um, care to clarify about the maps? No? Well, sh*t.

Destructoid contributor Joe Burling points out how there are three safe houses per each of the four campaigns. I suggested the “12 maps” might just be the most memorable areas from the game. There’s no telling yet.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the header image: Mr. Burling requested I use it when he tipped us, and I figured why the hell not — we’ve already used every Left 4 Dead image in existence on the front page at one point in time or another. As you can plainly see, he is the master of L4D.

[Via Kotaku]

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