First Fire Emblem DS screens: who do I have to screw to get a new Shining Force?

Courtesy of Jeux France, we bring you a gallery containing the first 7 screens from the upcoming DS title Fire Emblem DS, a remake of the original Japanese Famicom classic SRPG. The screens demonstrate a gorgeous art style whose only apparent flaw is seemingly miniscule character sprites.

I’m sure the title will live up to its series’ pedigree, but seeing yet another title in the recent resurgence of jSRPGs only makes me misty for the bygone days of Sega’s Shining Force series. Where else can you field an army consisting of centaurs, werewolves and shockingly powerful turtle creatures against the kind of Tolkien-esque foes the Final Fantasy series adopted and filled with teenage angst? The House of Hedgehog’s recent love affair with the various DLC services would lead you to believe we’d at least see one of these titles repackaged for the VC or XBLA, but we’ve heard less than crickets from Sega — we’ve heard tiny, asthmatic crickets.

Sega, I realize you’re all hopped up on the overflowing glee coming from jamming Sonic into Brawl, but you used to be a company known for more than just middle-aged mascots. If you can’t give us a new Shining Force title, at least stop desecrating the series with psuedo-sequels that come off as the gaming equivalent of communism-allegory pod people: sure, they look pretty, but they lack the emotion of the originals, and if you prick them, they bleed delicious strawberry jam!

… for some reason. 

I didn’t really know how to end that. Sorry.

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