First EA Sports MMA screen looks realistic, smelly

Pick up the latest issue of Sports Illustrated and inside you’ll find some stuff about sports, yes. But what you’ll also find is a single screenshot of EA Sports’ upcoming mixed-martial arts title, the cleverly titled EA Sports MMA.

Unless you’re Samit or you got a subscription to Sports Illustrated for the swimsuit issue or that free football phone, chances are you didn’t see it in the magazine. Trust me, I get it. But fear not, because — look up! — that’s it right there. Yup, that’s not a photograph of photograph of one dude pulling on another dude’s arm; that’s a screenshot of EA Sports MMA (as posted on the game’s Facebook page), a game where you’ll be able to make a dude pull on another dude’s arm.

No, it doesn’t reveal much about the title itself, but damn if that doesn’t look like a real photograph of a dude pulling on another dude’s arm. THQ basically destroyed retail with UFC 2009 Undisputed, so it’s going to take more than pretty graphics — EA Tiburon (the team working on the game) had better have something else up its sleeve. 

If you’re a fan of mixed-martial arts, what are you looking for in EA’s MMA game that THQ hasn’t already brought to the table?

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