First Black Ops game-breaking exploit found

Call of Duty: Black Ops launched in North America just a few hours ago and already the first game-ravaging exploit has been discovered. Users have already found a way to scam infinity Care Packages in the game’s multiplayer mode, thus keeping themselves stocked forever.

Activision’s Dan Amrich has been asking players to submit bugs to Activision once discovered, as the evil publisher attempts to be proactive in fighting the inevitable Call of Duty glitch onslaught. Well, here’s the first biggie, and it surely won’t be the last. 

Call of Duty and cheating seem to go hand in hand, demonstrating that all’s fair in love and war. Of course, every game has glitches, and a title as obsessively played as Call of Duty soon gets exploited by the obsessive and the unscrupulous.

We’re currently playing Black Ops for our review, which will go live ASAP!

Jim Sterling