Firestorm fires up the Injustice 2 roster


Very rarely do my interests coalesce into a story like this, so I’m glad to be writing about it for you. Revealed on Austin Creed’s (WWE Superstar Xavier Woods) UpUpDownDown channel, is Firestorm, the two dudes sharing a body that’s also on fire. His Injustice 2 design mixes visual cues from his look in Legends of Tomorrow and his comic counterpart, and I’m all about it. 

As for how he seems to play, however, Firestorm’s a projectile heavy character that’s going to be pretty irritating online. Rapid fireballs and a firebeam meterburn? Ugh.

Hit the 7:40 mark in the video to see Firestorm in action, and we’ll update this post with an official trailer if/when it arrives. Although I’d recommend sitting through the entire thing (and watching more of Austin’s channel) because it’s awesome to see Woods, Kofi Kingston, Bayley, and Sasha Banks just hanging out together. 

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