Fire Pro Wrestling hits PS2 next month for only $14.99, AJ Styles’ head explodes

TNA superstar AJ Styles told me he was a big fan of the Fire Pro wrestling series, and for good reason. The game’s out-of-control character customization is unmatched in any videogame to date. It also doesn’t hurt that Styles (or a likeness of) has appeared in the series.

So I’m picturing his face as he reads this news: Agetec will be releasing Fire Pro Wrestling Returns for the PlayStation 2 at an MSRP of $14.99 on November 13. We’re talking instant “Bargain Bin Laden,” status folks.

“Fans will definitely love how much they will get out of this game,” says Agetec’s Mark Johnson, “You can spend hours customizing super-deep characters and designing every dream match imaginable.”

First person to create and send us a Mr. Destructoid wrestler (with screens to prove it!) wins a to-be-determined prize. The challenge has been issued — are you up to the task?

Nick Chester