Fire Hose letting fans name part of Slam Bolt Scrappers

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As soon as I heard that Fire Hose Games was letting fans decide the names for two of the characters in Slam Bolt Scrappers, a bunch of foul or otherwise amusing words starting entering my head. Y’know, the kind of words random people on the Internet would come up with for the sake of trolling.

Well, Fire Hose is one step ahead — the character names are already selected. Y’all get to vote on which two the studio should go for. The masked welder guy can be Arc, Brazer, Joule, and Torch; the angel is limited to Cumulo, Seraph, and Zephyr.

The voting takes place here, so jump on it. They’ve also got a video for each guy, because we wouldn’t want you voting on a videogame character’s name without context, now would we?

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