Fire Emblem Heroes to allow paid pass subscribers to purchase Resplendent Heroes

Five bucks for the best of the best

Nintendo’s super-popular mobile battler Fire Emblem Heroes continues to push out the added benefits offered to those subscribed to its new and controversial monthly subscription pass. In a recent reveal, it is noted that pass owners will be able to outright buy Resplendent Heroes once each Summoning Event ends, should they fail to pull them as rewards.

Resplendent Heroes, summarised, are particularly limited characters, usually attired in lavish costumes as the name denotes. Subscribers will already be receiving two of these characters each month as part of the subscription plan, but previous Resplendents will also be made available to purchase for an extra $5 USD per hero – this is obviously in addition to the $10-a-month subscription fee.

It’s hard not to be cynical, especially when it was recently revealed that Fire Emblem Heroes is the most successful Nintendo mobile title by a huge margin, having made over $656 million since its launch back in 2017. Comments from players on Twitter succinctly and sincerely convey the community’s chagrin over these recent paid editions.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available now on iOS and Android devices. The “R0kkr Sieges” event gets underway this weekend offering Orbs and Hero Feathers as rewards for battling shadowy variants of popular warriors.

Chris Moyse
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