Fire Emblem Fates manga on hold, possibly dead


In case you haven’t heard, a Fire Emblem Fates manga was in the works — anything that gets Fire Emblem into the hands of more people is a good thing in my book. Sadly, like several other video game themed pieces of literature lately, it might be going the way of the dodo.

Yuusuke Kozaki, the character designer for the games, was set to lend his talents to the project (as was the Fates writer), but nothing has materialized as of yet. This recent tweet from Koazki doesn’t give us much hope though, because a year and a half later, he has announced that the project is suspended — and given that he also adds he is “deeply sorry,” it might just be canceled.

No reason is given for the decision, but at this point it would be weird to put out a Fates adaptation since we’re so far removed from the game (it made more sense to strike while the iron was hot). Since Kozaki seems so deeply dedicated to the series, maybe we’ll get a manga for the next iteration. How they’re going to top Fates though, is yet to be seen.

Yusuke Kozaki [Twitter via Perfectly Nintendo]

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