Fire Emblem Engage: How to unlock the Wolf Knight class

A party member has it by default, too

Class proliferation is make or break in many strategy games, Fire Emblem Engage included. The more classes you have access to, the more options you have; and the more party members you can adjust to suit the needs of a particularly tough mission or paralogue. Here’s how to add the Wolf Knight class to your repertoire.

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How to unlock the Wolf Knight class

Wolf Knight party members are adept at moving around, and use wolf mounts instead of horses or other animals. They are proficient in the use of knives, which is great for opening up more strategic placement options at a greater range. Their penchant for mobility makes them a great sneaky option, especially when mounting covert missions by themselves in certain maps.

To unlock the Wolf Knight class, you’ll need to do a bit of legwork. It’s centered around knives, but you can also diversify into three different core focuses.

Weapon proficiency required:

  • Level 10 Knife proficiency (it’s a tad confusing, but the knife icon is the one facing downward: in the above image, it’s the second icon under the “required prof[ession]” heading)

Class required:

  • Level 10 Axe Cavalier
  • Level 10 Lance Cavalier
  • Level 10 Sword Cavalier

Once you meet the requirements, you just need to use a Master Seal to finish the job with that particular unit. Merrin arrives in Chapter 13 as a recruitable party member, and is a Wolf Knight by default. You can test the waters with Merrin if you want before you full commit to the class.

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