Fire Emblem Engage: Don’t miss out on the arena for skill improvement

While you don’t need to return to the Somniel hub constantly, you might want to

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Training party members is a huge part of many entries in the Fire Emblem series, even down to the Warriors spinoffs! While Fire Emblem Engage has a decidedly smaller focus on social aspects, you should use the Arena system as much as possible if you want to keep your party in tip-top shape.

How to find the Arena in Fire Emblem Engage

The Arena is located in the Somniel (the main hub), in a separate instance that’s not directly connected to the main map: it’s one of the first areas you’ll unlock there. Think of it like a pocket dimension.

You can either walk directly to it in the café terrace (into the door in the image above), or you can access it directly on the Somniel map (the X button). To actually train, walk up to the training sigil in the middle of the room and press A.

Training in the Arena raises bond levels, and earns experience

When using the arena, you have the option to pit two of your teammates against each other, which will in turn increases their bond, and grant them experience.

There are two types of training:

  • Standard training between party members (which is limited)
  • Emblem training between party members and Emblems (which is unlimited, but costs bond fragments)

Note that the former is really the bread and butter of what the Arena offers. This type of training has a limit, as you can only use it three times between missions. In other words, if you’re a min-maxer or are having issues with recent battles, you could benefit from stopping by the Somniel hub and training as much as you can (it’s free).

The other type of training is only limited by how many bond fragments you have (a currency acquired through many different means, including exploring hubs after missions, and completing achievements). As a result, it’s not something you need to worry about missing out on.

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