Firaxis is ‘working very furiously’ to fix XCOM 2

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Buggy launch took developer by surprise

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XCOM 2 might be a fine strategy game, but for many players, it’s one marred by bugs.

Speaking with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, lead designer Jake Solomon expressed surprise at the title’s rocky launch, saying “I can honestly say that we didn’t know it would be this way.”

“Maybe this is damning on me, but I’m sitting here talking to you now on the laptop I use to play [the game] on,” Solomon said, explaining he didn’t see the issues currently plaguing a sizable portion of the XCOM 2 player base, and the problems didn’t come up in pre-release testing.

Despite that, Solomon conceded Firaxis is “fully, fully accountable for the product in people’s hands,” and is taking responsibility for performance issues. According to Solomon, it’s the what the development team is working on all day and is something they’re committed to right now.

Because there are so many issues, a good portion of which impact certain players greatly and others not at all, Solomon couldn’t commit to saying when a patch might arrive, but assures players he and the rest of Firaxis are “working very furiously” to work out the kinks.

Firaxis ‘working Furiously’ on XCOM 2 fixes: “We didn’t know it would be this way at launch’ [RPS]

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