Finishing the fight: Call of Duty 4 trounces Halo 3 in upset victory

If there’s one thing I could never understand, it was how Halo 3 remained Xbox Live’s most played game when the superior (in my opinion) Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was available. Then I remembered that people play what is considered “cool,” not what is actually (in my opinion) “good.” It’s not that Halo is a bad game, it’s just that CoD4 is (in my opinion) amazing, but it never stood a chance against the mainstream monolith that held the Live service in its mighty armored hand. Until now (not my opinion, that one was a fact).

In an amazing upset victory, CoD4 has actually beaten Halo 3 to become Xbox Live’s most played game. The collar popping frat boys that frequent Bungie’s lair (and Wardrox) have either crawled into Modern Warfare, or were too busy dateraping some cheerleaders to stop Activision from taking over during the week of January 14th.

Considering how dominating the Halo series has been on Microsoft’s servers, it was never really expected that anything could knock it from the top of the mountain, at least until Gears of War 2 arrived. Call of Duty 4‘s surprise victory may have proven that there’s room on the Xbox Live service for more than just games made by Bungie, and that perhaps a well crafted title is enough to beat pure marketing power … sometimes, at least. 

In other news, Metal Slug 3 was a huge XBLA success, along with, shockingly, Boogie Bunnies. Confess, readers — who among you went and bought that wretched thing!?

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