Find time to play Assemblee’s 73 free indie games

TIGSource’s Assemblee competition is almost certainly something you aren’t familiar with. It’s an experiment of sorts, and a successful one at that. Users were asked to submit art and music; that was the first phase.

Then came the programming and designing phase, which was restricted to using only the aforementioned pool of assets provided by others. The end result? 73 indie games that may look similar to one another at first, but more often than not couldn’t be further apart in execution.

The concept is utterly fascinating. As of right now, voting is open. Of course, you’ll want to try out a selection of the games before you go making any rash decisions. I ran through a handful of them myself, and can guarantee I missed playing some of the better ones.

That said, Bitworld, COIN, and s h i n e (pictured above) — whatever few games you decide to play, make sure these three are included in your line-up. Again, time is something you’ll be in dire need of should you attempt to jump into this rad mess. Post your best finds in the comments, if you would.

Assemblee Competition: VOTING! [TIGSource]

Jordan Devore
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