Find the best place to camp out for your console of choice

Can’t get enough of the PS3/Wii launch excitement? Then, do I have great news for you. Dtoider Putthebottledown recently found a cool new site that is dedicated to the madness that is a console launch. Check out the email he sent in:

“I’ve been an avid reader of your site for a while now, hell I’m even a member of your web forums and what not. (putthebottledown WHAT!)  I don’t know if you guys would want to pass the word along but my friend has opened up this site just for launch day shenanigans.  People can  send pictures of them camping out or doing what I want to do, kicking people down as they run for a PS3.

You can send it via email or via those fancy cell phones with cameras and what not.  Hope it strikes your guys fancy, have a good night.  OH SHIT.. the website … ha … man I’m dumb … but there it is … check it out and what have you … much appreciated.”

So, will anyone else be kicking people down as they run for a PlayStation 3? That sounds like a mighty fun time to me. Go take a look at the site for yourself and see what it’s like out there on the streets!

Jordan Devore
Jordan is a founding member of Destructoid and poster of seemingly random pictures. They are anything but random.