Find anything good in Steam’s Lunar New Year sale?

It only runs until Monday

Even if you don’t feel like loading up on cheap Steam games right now, it’s worth popping over to the Lunar New Year Sale to see some cute dogs. They even have a plump little Sif from Dark Souls!

The sale runs today through Monday, February 19. As far as personal recommendations, I’ll just point to Nioh, which is down to $35. You could easily pour hundreds of hours into Team Ninja’s yokai-busting samurai action-RPG, and this version also comes with all three DLC packs. It’s a beast.

Alongside the deals, Valve has reworked Steam’s wishlist feature. It feels crowded at a glance but the idea is to give users more control. You can filter your wishlist based on price, discount amount, genre, and tags. It’s also now possible to exclude Early Access, pre-release, and VR-only games via a toggle.

If you see anything on sale that you think we should jump on, give us a shout.

Lunar New Year Sale [Steam]

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