Finally! Score one for Europe: no new PSP features for North America

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Sony came to the 2007 Leipzig Games Convention with several exciting annoucements for PSP users, but unfortunately none of them apply to North American gamers.

A new service called Go! Messenger was announced, which will offer voice chat, video chat, and instant messaging to European customers. Nothing was said of a US release.

Go! Explore is a GPS navigational device currently available in Japan and parts of Europe, but again the US gets the shaft.

An SCEA spokesperson tsaid, “[We] want to ensure there is the appropriate level of software that would be applicable and bring value to the consumers in North America.”

If that wasn’t enough, SCEE also announced a PVR/TV tuner accessory called PlayTV, and the UK and Ireland territories will be getting their own video download service. 

It looks like Sony just wants North Americans to only play games on the PSP. What the deuce?

[Via GamesIndustry — thanks, Justin]

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