Finally! Final Fantasy XV English trailer

Also, sexy boob Cid?

“I could do with a baaaaaahhhhth.” Got to have a Brit to help differentiate the bro-cast, innit? These are, for the first time, the English voices for Final Fantasy XV. Same ones you’ll spend two hours with in the March demo if you buy Type-0. I encourage you to all get into a nice debate over subs versus dubs, because those are always fruitful and healthy. At least we’ll all agree that the music is good. Right? 

Mostly, I appreciated the handsome Noctis voice at the end: “Been a long time. Too long. Not much longer.” 

Got to show some self-awareness at this point. 

There’s also a recent Jump scan that shows off the boys’ mechanic. It’s possible she’ll serve as this entry’s Cid, taking care of the boys’ town car with her car skills and inexplicable cleavage. I bet that car ends up being a sentient Knight Rider or something. It can’t just be the bro’d trip vessel. 

Steven Hansen