Finally? Final Fantasy IV will ship in July

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I’d going to add the “rumor” tag to this story while continuing to remain hopeful.

The folks at RPGfan give us a FFIV release date without even batting an eye. They say that both the DS version of the classic RPG Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Dungeon will hit North American shelves in July, and they give a solid July 8th date for the latter. No source is listed for the FFIV news, but we already knew about Chocobo Dungeon

Shacknews says that they’ve contacted Square Enix for confirmation, but haven’t heard back yet. They point out that even though the game has not been officially announced for a North American release, it was recently shown in Nintendo Power with English language screenshots.

Let’s hope that Square Enix spills the beans soon. This game isn’t the kind of game you can make up release dates for, so here’s hoping that RPGfan knows what they’re talking about.

[Ed’s note: Damn, this trailer kicks my ass every time!] 

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