Finally, an excuse to talk about how great Guitar Hero 3 is

GHAddict sets a new world record

I still remember where I was when I played Guitar Hero for the first time in 2005. I was with my wife (then girlfriend), and a family member had bought it for us as a gift.

Sitting down in our living room we rocked out to two guitars, and I picked it up right away. An hour later I was shredding on expert, and for the next several years, I’d compete in local tournaments. Although Rock Band was a fun party game and a great competitor, nothing it offered came close to the pure thrill the original trilogy of Guitar Hero games offered.

Each Guitar Hero game seemed to offer a collection of the most triumphant and rewarding songs imaginable. For the first iteration, Bark at the Moon was my jam. In Guitar Hero 2, it was Hangar 18. But in Guitar Hero 3, Neversoft went above and beyond with the unlockable song Through the Fire and Flames, which is touted as one of the most difficult tracks in guitar-rhythm history. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent competing with friends with that song.

Content creator GHAddict (who is in a real band) shares that same passion for the third iteration, and just set a new world record for Through the Fire and Flames, which you can watch above. The realization that he managed to hit it (NSFW language) at roughly four and a half minutes in is priceless. Watch the part at 3:08 and beyond where he has to pilot the buttons with both hands! In the end, GHAddict finished the song with a score of 970,058: full combo, of course, at 165% speed.

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