Finally a use for your laser harp

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Has your laser harp been sitting in the basement collecting dust? Got no all night raves to bust it out for? Wait. You don’t have a laser harp? You mean you didn’t rush out to make your own the second you saw Stephen Hobley’s video of himself playing his homemade laser harp? Man, you clearly need to get you’re priorities straight. Best to run out and buy one now, because the laser harp also happens to be the future of music gaming.

Using Guitar Hero rip-off Frets on Fire‘s open-sourcness, Hoblet has created Laser Harp Hero, a game where you get absolutely no tactile feedback from the instrument you’re playing. Sounds like something I’d be really, really bad at. Hobley tries to nail Freebird in the video below, but clearly he still needs a little more practice with his own instrument. That came out sounding really dirty, let me rephrase: He needs more practice masturbating. No wait… that doesn’t seem right either.

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