Finally, a Pokemon Go dating app

Also a location-based messenger app from Razer

While all the reports of people hooking up thanks to Pokemon Go are real and true and good, those who want to grease the wheels of fuck without putting their b-hole on Craiglist, good news: PokéDates, replete with artwork straight from an American-drawn “How to draw manga” art book.

It’s not a new service, but built off of 2012’s Project Fixup, which is basically an old-school matchmaker where you’re “fixed up” with someone by hand, rather than by how drunk and horny you are when you see four pictures of them and a bio that reads, “Looking for a partner in crime!”

Here’s the rub (no, the other kind): only your first fix up is free. Then it’s $20 per date. Still, maybe it’s worth creating an account, answering some questions, and getting handed a date with no other work involved on your end.

On the other hand, if you want to pretend that you’re not tryna get the pipe, Razer has just announced RazerGO, a “location-based chat messenger” that can put you in touch with Pokemon Go players within 3, 60, or 600 miles. There’s public chat, chat between members of Go‘s three factions, and a private option for when you need to make sure someone know you’re DTF. RazerGO will have its own Android/iOS apps, which should be out by July 25, as well as a web version going live tonight ahead of a Pokemon Go crawl in San Francisco that Razer hopes to capitalize on to lure players into the Razer Store downtown.

Steven Hansen