Finalists for 2BeeGames’ Indie Game Competition revealed

The ten finalists for 2BeeGames’ Indie Game Competition have been chosen. Let it be known that this is the second competition — our strict headline character limit here at Destructoid didn’t want to cut me any slack today. The jerk!

Of the ten independent games, the one who gains the most support from voters and a panel of judges will get a cool $10,000 and the chance to get their project published on consoles with Zoo Games. As we recently heard, last year’s winner, Auditorium, is being brought to consoles.

So yeah, those votes matter. The top games this year are:

  • Bullets of a Revolver — submitted by Diefox
  • Climb to the Top of the Castle — submitted by TwO Bros. Games
  • Cavemen Vs. Aliens — submitted by John Sear
  • Cochon’s Pursuit — submitted by Edouard Mercure
  • Daytraders of the Dead — submitted by Mat Groves/ John Denton
  • DriftMoon — submitted by Ville Mönkkönen
  • Kablooey! — submitted by Vertigo Games
  • Tower of Heaven — submitted by Askiisoft
  • Turba — submitted by Binary Takeover
  • Vector Conflict: The Siege — submitted by Dig Your Own Grave Games

While I can’t say I am completely familiarized with all of the entrants’ games, I can certainly vouch for Tower of Heaven. The game even comes with the Joseph Leray seal of approval to boot.

Jordan Devore
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