Final Stand is the next free Battlefield DLC, and it’s coming soon

And there might be more

Battlefield is kind of on top of the world right now. On the heels of the reveal of Battlefield 1, the EA DICE joint already won The Great YouTube War with an incredibly well-liked trailer that directly opposed Call of Duty‘s incredibly disliked trailer. It definitely feels like there’s a cultural shift within the big budget triple-A shooter scene.

EA is trying to further encourage conversion by giving away free DLC for previous-yet-recent Battlefield games. Earlier in May, it was Dragon’s Teeth for Battlefield 4 and Robbery for Battlefield Hardline. It seems as if the action keeps keepin’ on later this week.

As reported by DualShockers, Battlefield 4‘s Final Stand will be made free on May 18 — this Wednesday. Final Stand, which originally launched in December of 2014, includes four maps (Giants of Karelia, Hangar 21, Hammerhead, and Operation Whiteout), along with new weapons, gadgets, and vehicles. 

The news comes via an early Xbox Live listing, but this promotion is available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. There might even be another gratis add-on too; we have to wait to find out if something from Hardline makes the cut. Although, there’s a lot of time between now and Battlefield 1‘s October launch. EA’s going to run out of add-ons if it doesn’t slow down a bit.

Battlefield 4: Final Stand Free to Xbox Live Gold Members on Wednesday [DualShockers]

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