Final Ready Player One trailer sure has a lot of stuff going on

But I processed like 45%

To be honest, I kind of forgot Ready Player One was coming out soon. I somehow missed every trailer, but here’s the final one for its upcoming March release. There’s a lot to absorb here, namely each of its references to pop culture such as Jurassic Park’s T-Rex, Back to the Future‘s DeLorean, and even video games exist in this world like Mario Kart (which is used in the dialogue, off-puttingly enough) and Halo. 

There’s a certain kind of fan out there that will definitely appreciate toys bashing against one another on-screen, but unless Steven Spielberg can translate all of this and deliver a solid base to hold all of this together I’m not sure how this will work for everyone else. 

It’s almost like this is everything and nothing, you know? 

Ready Player One hits theaters March 29.

Nick Valdez