Final NBA 2K9 teaser has Derrick Rose dunking over Ben Wallace?!

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At last, we’ve come to the fourth of four NBA 2K9 teaser trailers that 2K Sports has put out (see here, here, and here, respectively, for numbers one through three). Unlike its predecessors, this one isn’t 100% slow-mo — this time, there’s actually a couple of bits of real-time footage. The teaser features the Cleveland Cavaliers versus the Chicago Bulls, and it focuses on Bulls point guard Derrick Rose. Yes, I’m going to tell you what happens once again, mostly because, well, I need to fill this space with something other than the requisite final sentence.

There’s this great point early on where Rose blinks in slow motion — almost as if he’s channeling the Force or experiencing a moment of Zen or something — and then he starts to lay the smack down on the Cavs defense. After dribbling past a defender, he drives to the hoop and goes up against the Cavs’ center, Ben Wallace. The refs blow the whistle on Wallace for a blocking foul, but the dunk counts! And 1! At first glance, it might seem weird for a 6’3” point guard to embarrass a 6’9” center, but hey, it’s a videogame, right?

That’s the last official teaser for NBA 2K9, but you can check out more on the game at its official Web site. You can pre-order it there, but it won’t actually be out (PS3, 360, PS2) until October 7th.

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