Final-ly! The North American Square Enix store opens

A release from Square Enix brings good news for Square-heads and Fantasy-fanboys: no longer will fans of Square Enix games have to resort to travel or importing to get their hands on related merchandise, as the North American Square Enix online store opens tonight.

The Square Enix Official Online Merchandise Store is now open for business, ready to sell you all of the action figures, plushies, jewelry and exclusive merchandise your little pocketbook can handle. 

“We are extremely excited to answer our fans’ requests and sell our goods directly to them,” said Hidemi Matsuzuka, Merchandising Division general manager, Square Enix Co., Ltd. “Now, fans won’t have to hunt for particular Square Enix collectibles, and will always have a place where the merchandise is simply a few clicks away.”

The store already has a strong selection of merchandise from several series including Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, and Valkyrie Profile.  The Web site currently seems to be a bit bogged down from the word getting out, but hang in there. Go ahead and nab a plush Cactuar, a Final Fantasy VII pendant, and an armful of Final Fantasy III trading arts. Don’t be ashamed to show your geeky gamer pride.

Square Enix, let’s see some soundtracks for sale soon, mmmkay?


Dale North