Final Fight: Double Impact priced and dated

Capcom sent over word as to when their next retro release will be making its way to consoles. Final Fight: Double Impact, a pairing of classic beat-em ups Final Fight and Magic Sword, will be available to purchase April 14th on Xbox Live for 800 MS points and April 15th on PlayStation Network for $9.99. 

Both games come with a variety of visual modes to play in, including one which bows out the screen like a classic CRT monitor in a real cabinet and adds all the scanlines and distortion inherent to the original arcade experience. It appears to be a damn good package, based on what we were shown January at CES.

Final Fight is all well and good but, seriously, I can’t express how much of a value ten bucks is for Magic Sword. I’ve easily spent a hundred dollars in quarters on that game over the course of the last fifteen years, so this is going to save me a ton. If you have any love for side-scrolling or close quarters combat, this should be a must-buy.

Final Fight: Double Impact Brawls Its Way Onto Xbox Live and PSN in Mid-April! [Capcom-Unity]

Conrad Zimmerman