Final Fantasy XV’s off-road Regalia and Episode Prompto out by the end of June

Don’t google the Regalia if you want to avoid small spoilers

No, that’s not a warthog from Halo you see in the gallery, it’s the Regalia Type-D, a modification to the Regalia which allows you drive off-road and jump. Yes, jump. Yes, it’s silly. Ride these spinners in the June update, whenever that is (sometime in June).

Episode Prompto is already releasing this month in “late June.” Around the same time the Cup Noodle Star collaboration items will be made available. That just leaves Episode Ignis, Booster Pack, and Comrades DLC until they announce more.

『ファイナルファンタジーXV』オフロード仕様「レガリアTYPE-D」が6月アップデートで実装!DLC「エピソード プロンプト」&「カップヌードルスタイル」は6月末配信 [Games Talk]

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