Final Fantasy XV’s first paid DLC will feature Gilgamesh

Still no release date for it

As a very minor spoiler, remember when Gladio goes off for a hot second to do his own thing in Final Fantasy XV, then promptly returns? That’s the basis for the first DLC.

As we already knew Gladio is the focus, and each DLC will in turn focus on the other party members, but according to a special edition book that was given out post-release, it will in fact deal with his time apart from the main crew, and will run concurrently with the campaign. It’ll also feature new areas, and although he hasn’t been confirmed as a boss fight, Gilgamesh is in.

As long as the pandering is light, and there’s a somewhat new take on the character, I’m in. The idea of having wildly different character-centric DLCs reminds me of something out of BioWare’s book.

Final Fantasy 15’s first story DLC will bring back a classic FF villain, feature all new areas [VG24/7]

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