Final Fantasy XV’s Episode Gladiolus is $4.99 without season pass

Remaining DLC can be bought individually

Turns out Gladiolus isn’t just some crazy name, it’s a flower! Naming a buff dude after a flower may be ironic, but you can learn more about this ripped flower on March 28 even if you didn’t buy the season pass. Episode Gladiolus will cost $4.99 by itself per the official Final Fantasy XV webzone

The upcoming Episode Ignis, Episode Prompto, and FFXV Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades DLC will also be available individually but their individual prices are not yet known. One would assume that the two remaining character episodes would be similarly priced, but they are leaving the door open for different pricing. 

Just as when I was lost pre-release with all the demos, anime, movies and so on, I am equally discombobulated with all the DLC. Without Googling let me have a crack at it: Holiday Pack, these three character episodes, the Multiplayer Expansion, a Chapter 13 update, the Square Enix CEO boss, and cup noodle heads? (Googled) Ah, I forgot the Booster Pack.

Episode Gladiolus [Final Fantasy XV official site]

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