Final Fantasy XV’s director asked fans whether or not they want a ‘super bad’ or happy ending

Likely for future DLC

Hajime Tabata has worked on some pretty big name games, but none are as big as Final Fantasy XV.

While it did begin life as something else entirely, XV has blossomed into not only a mainline entry, but a complete universe in and of itself, producing countless spinoffs, DLC episodes, ports, and crossovers. If this keeps up, XV might be Tabata’s own inescapable creation, similar to how Kojima was entwined with Metal Gear for decades.

For now though, Tabata seems to be enjoying himself, as he recently announced that even more DLC is on the way for XV. He also recently asked fans by way of a greeting event whether or not they want to see a “happy” or “super bad” ending. Allegedly Tabata took their opinions into consideration, even if the “ending” situation seems to be vaguely referring to future DLC — an approach he already took in a “what if” scenario in Episode Ignis. It’s entirely possible he was just teasing and we’ll get both in future episodes (Ardyn’s DLC will probably be the “super bad” one).

Whatever happens one thing is for sure; Final Fantasy XV is going to be a thing for a long while. I’m sure a lot of you are still waiting for that “Ultimate True Edition” that actually has all of the DLC down the road that the Royal Edition isn’t including.

Yukkii_3025 [Twitter via ResetEra]

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